DANCE – Muscota is starting the new year in style with dance in the extreme.

  • Kindergarteners and 1st Graders are starting a study of movement sequences using the letters of the alphabet as inspiration, 2nd and 3rd Graders are beginning a unit on the concept of abstraction, 4th Grade classes are continuing their tempestuous whole class dances based on their study of natural disasters! These natural disaster dances will be unleashed in Town Meeting on January 30th! 5th Grade is in the process of carrying out a top-secret dance project involving small group choreography with extreme levels of creativity. You’ll know it when you see it!
  • 4th Grade is heading to the Streb Lab for Action Mechanics for an incredible workshop and to watch the company rehearsal – Rescheduled due to weather, date TBD.
  • Free tickets for Paul Taylor at Lincoln Center will again be offered to Muscota Families in March. Stay tuned for details on the date and how to obtain tickets.

wellness2Wellness Update! 

Meeting with Imani Wood, the School Food Manager, and the cafeteria staff was conducted on December 13th.

  • Plant protein sources (beans or legumes) being available on a daily basis in the salad bar was requested and will be addressed and soon implemented. Hummus snack packs are also available to children as part of the Alternative Menu, and kids can ask for them if they don’t see them displayed.
  • Discussions are underway to get the water jet in place for the cafeteria as well as removing chocolate milk from Muscota’s lunch offerings, while keeping it in place at Amistad’s.
  • It would improve the speed and efficiency of food service (giving kids more time to eat), if each child could memorize their student ID number. Ways to facilitate this are being discussed with Camille and Alli.


MUSIC – Thanks again to all of the families, teachers, staff, and most of all, students who poured their support, enthusiasm, and music into Candlelight Night.

  • The 3rd and 4th grade recorder curriculum will begin soon (representatives from Carnegie hall will be coming to visit on February 1st to observe one of our recorder classes!) and the guitar curriculum with the 5th grade. The younger students will be starting a unit called, “Music and Storytelling” this week
  • Coming up on February 3rd is our full-school trip to Jazz at Lincoln Center’s “Who is Louis Armstrong?” show during the day, followed by the student talent show at night.
  • Keep your eyes open for more info about the Parent Talent Show fundraiser on Monday, March 13th from 6:30-7:30 in the Muscota school auditorium.



Calling All Scientists!  Calling All Parents that think Science is Cool!  Come learn how you can get involved in exciting science initiatives at Muscota.  Our goal is to:

  • Integrate opportunities for science exploration at Muscota through Family Science Nights
  • Inform everyone about unique opportunities to bring science into our homes and classrooms.

Scientists are, of course, encouraged to join the committee, as well as any parents that don’t have a formal science background.  There is something for everyone (including grant writers!).

Science Committee Meeting >> TBD

Questions  – Contact  Jackie Parrott>>

sparkSpark Volunteers Needed!
Get hands-on Art & Science explorations and have fun with Muscota students! Let’s make this year’s SPARK program a great one.

Please Sign-Up for as many (or few) dates as your schedule permits at  Email or with any questions.


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