School Traditions

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Muscota’s events are steeped in tradition—who’s tradition? Our very own! Muscota has created fun, meaningful and community building events that teach the children team work, creativity and goal-oriented projects. Here is a list of events Muscota puts on each year:

Mad Hatter’s Day Parade
The entire school community prepares for this big day for weeks! Children create hats inspired by a unit of classroom study and wear them on our Mad Hatters Day Parade. Parents are encouraged to join our school community as we parade around the block signing Mad Hatters songs, before returning to school for a special Town Meeting with the Mad Hatter.

Mad Hatter’s Ball
This is the annual fall carnival hosted by Muscota PA. We invite our entire community to put on crazy hats, costumes, and their dancing shoes! Each year, our Mad Hatter’s Ball includes a crafts, games, prizes, face painting, photo booth, dancing, great food for all and a toddler play area for the youngest members of our community.

Family Fitness Day
As part of our commitment to a healthy lifestyle, our wellness committee hosts several family fitness days throughout the year to encourage families to keep moving through the cold winder months. Activities range from yoga, Zumba, basketball, dance, circuit training and circus yoga!

Candlelight Night
Candlelight Night is a cherished tradition at Muscota that celebrates the Winter Solstice. Our whole Muscota “family” takes time to share a meal and to enjoy the talent within our community. The evening begins in the auditorium with musical performances from our K-5 students, teachers and parents, followed by a potluck dinner in the cafeteria and gym.

Family Breakfast
Twice a year families gather in the classrooms to get to know each other and to share favorite breakfast dishes. Children perform songs, dances, and other special things they have learned together.

Cozy Learning Day
Pajama Day! Children, teachers and administration wear PJs to school for a day of learning and having fun in a more relaxed school environment.

Talent Show
Hosted by our fifth grade elders, this new Muscota tradition showcases the talents and collaborative spirit of our children and is a fun night out for out entire community.

Ice-Skating Trip
Every Muscota students come together for a day of fun at a local ice rink. Our parents provide hot chocolate and cookies for all the skaters, and parents are encouraged to attend if they can as we always need strong skaters to help the kids around on the ice and several parents to help children put on and tie their skates.

Pi Day
Pi Day, held every March 14th (3/14) celebrates the math concept Pi, or 3.14, the numerical relationship of a circle’s circumference and diameter. Muscota’s school number is 314, so Pi day is very special for our school.

Every child in the school will produce a piece of art that will be framed and put on display. Children are taught to see themselves as artists as they see their work in a gallery setting. Parent volunteers are needed to frame and hang art, and to sell art at the event. Monies raised from this event are used to support our Art program at Muscota.

Each class runs a “store” stocked with items that the children make in class. Parent volunteers are needed to help with the craft activities and chaperon the children as they shop. Each class chooses a charity and monies collected from mini-mall from each class are donated to those charities.

Annual Gala Auction
This is a parents’ evening out and the largest fundraiser for the PA. Parents are encouraged to secure donations from vendors and individuals to raffle and auction off for the event.

Field day
Muscota Field Day is a school wide day full of sports and games and school spirit. Parents are needed to help man the games, help with bathroom duty, snack duty and to take pictures but all families are welcome to come.

Moving on Ceremony
Our graduating students and their parents are honored in a ceremony where parents and teachers reflect on the unique qualities and accomplishments of our graduating class. Students are presented with their archive; a selection of their work from kindergarten to fifth grader showing, a momento of their time at Muscota and their growth as learners.

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